City Scenes

New Territories Development (1970)
Ref No.:  0084-19


Rooftop School (1965)
Ref No.: 0028-E053(E)

Exchanges between Rural and Urban Students (1972)
Ref No.: 0022-B113

Historical Events

Typhoon Rose (1971)
Ref No.: HKRS2184-1-11


Wah Fu Estate (1968)
Ref No.: 0016-E017

Shek Kip Mei Housing Plan (1972)
Ref No.: 0022-B117

Industries and Sectors

Hong Kong Boat People (1970)
Ref No.: 0065-6

Tourism (1973)
Ref No.: 0022-B118

Leisure and Culture

Festival of Hong Kong (1969)
Ref No.: 0043-HK/42/G(E)

Swimming Courses of the Urban Council (1973)
Ref No.: 0022-B122A

Medicine and Health

Queen Elizabeth Hospital (1967)
Ref No.: 0031-E057(C)

Clean Hong Kong Campaign (1974)
Ref No.: 0023-B126


Kai Tak Airport (1960)
Ref No.: 0016-E018

Road Safety Campaign (1974)
Ref No.: 0023-B126

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