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The Japanese Occupation

The Second World War

1938 06-13-386
The hostile situation between the Japanese army and the Hong Kong Forces on the bridge at Lo Wu. The photo was taken in late 1938.
1938 06-13-387
Hostility between the Japanese army and the Hong Kong Defensing Force. This photo was taken on 26 November 1938 at the Kowloon Peninsula (on the bridge at Lo Wu), 1938.
1941 06-13-398
Marching of the Hong Kong Volunteers Defense Corps outside the Southern Stadium in 1941.
1941 07-04-100
Sir Mark Young inspecting defence work shortly after arriving at Hong Kong, 1941.
1940s 01-22-677
Two Japanese Tanks (Model 94) were running on a street in Hong Kong Island, probably the King's Road (the four chimneys in the background were likely to be the Power Station at North Point). When the Japanese Army invaded Hong Kong, part of these tanks (Model 94) participated in some Invasions. This photo was taken after the surrending of the Hong Kong Defending Force. There were many Japanese soldiers on the street, 1940's.
1940s 01-22-675
Japanese soldiers advanced along King's Road. The smoke at the back came from a burning oil tank in North Point, 1940's.
1945 HKRS365-1-179-2
An air raid by allied bombers in progress over Taikoo Dockyard, 1945.
1945 HKMS145-6-4
Photographs showing the movement of Hong Kong Independent Brigade near the border of Hong Kong in the warfare against the Japanese, c. 1945.

Life under Occupation

1941 HKRS57-6-2
Japanese Title Deeds, 1941.
1942-1945 HKRS139-19-27(1)
Street Index, 1942 - 1945.
1942 01-22-653
A bus converted for propaganda use by the Information Branch of the Japanese Army. Picture taken at Queen's Road Central in January 1942.
1942 01-23-686
Japanese soldiers celebrating occupation of Hong Kong Anniversaries in the Hong Kong Cricket Club in 1942.
1942-1945 06-03-071
Government House, north face, as designed by Japanese Architects, 1942-1945.
1945 01-19-518
Government House, Hong Kong, showing alterations made during the Japanese occupation. The photograph was used on The 1945 Government House Christmas Card and was probably taken in November, 1945.
1945 06-08-204
Japanese War Memorial, Mount Cameron, 1945.
1940s 01-23-701
Queen Victoria Statue was removed and replaced during Japanese Occupation period. Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in the background, 1940's.

Life in the Internment Camp

1943 HKRS845-1-6
Makeshift Meteorological Data Records during the Japanese Occupation (front view), 1943
1943 HKRS845-1-6
Makeshift Meteorological Data Records during the Japanese Occupation (back view), 1943.
1945 06-11-307
Stanley Internment Camp, c. 1945.
1945 06-02-048
Internees in the Stanley Internment Camp, 1945.

The Surrender of Japanese Army

1945 06-02-046
Admiral Harcourt about to announce the arrival of the British Naval Squadron in Hong Kong Harbour, 29 August 1945.
1945 06-01-009
Vice Admiral Ruitaro Fujita arriving at Government House for the surrender ceremony with a Royal Marine Escort, 1945.
1945 06-01-010
Rear Admiral Harcourt reading the terms of surrender to the Japanese representatives, 1945.
1945 06-01-012
Vice Admiral Ruitaro Fujita signing the surrender document, 1945.
1945 06-01-013
Rear Admiral Harcourt inspecting the Royal Marine detachment at Government House after the signing of the surrender, 1945.
1945 06-01-014
British sailors and Royal Marines present arms as the union jack is hoisted at Government House after the surrender ceremony, 1945.
1945 06-01-015
Men of the British Pacific Fleet who acted as a guard of honour at the surrender ceremony parading in Statue Square, 1945.
1945 06-07-171
British naval and army personnel taking Japanese prisoners after re-occupation by British, 1945.
1945 06-07-172
Japanese soldiers being taken away by Royal Navy, 1945.
1945 01-19-519
Admiral Harcourt and his staff in front of the Main Wing, Government House, 1945.