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Welcome to the homepage of the Government Records Service of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

This website has been facelifted to enable the public to easily access our archival collections and holdings. It complements the wealth of information available for research and review at the Hong Kong Public Records Building in Kwun Tong. To name a few, the “Our Holdings” section contains Educational Resources Portal, digitised holdings and online exhibitions which could expand on the holdings held in our Exhibition Hall and, periodically, at other venues. Besides, the “Records Management” section sheds light on the work on records management and preservation in the HKSAR Government and provides access to related publications. The “About Us” section provides you with information on our organisation and related references.

Managing recorded information is our business. A big part of the challenge comes from the very same technological advances that enable you to visit us online!

The Records Management and Administration Office and Record Systems Development Office both play key roles in training, storing and planning for the effective management of paper, digital, audio, photographic, and other records common to our rapidly changing world. Such records serve the needs of government today and form the archives of tomorrow.

If you have regretted the loss of a treasured document, then you will recognise the importance to government of the role played by our Public Records Office to select, retain and describe records of historical value. If you have held a book worn by the many hands of readers before you, or a photograph that is faded and brittle with time, then you will understand the aim of our Preservation Service Office to provide ways to protect records for the coming hundreds of years.

We appreciate the importance of research and planning on records and archives management in achieving the mission of GRS. It is the key responsibility of our Legislation and Planning Office among its other major functions in supporting and following up the study of archives law.

As you explore the GRS website, we hope you will enjoy learning a bit about how we carry out this important work.

Happy browsing!

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