In order to ensure the transmit and implementation of policies in districts, a District Bureau was established separately in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the News Territories. It was administrated by a Japanese. There were different districts under each bureau. Local Chinese were nominated as the "Officials in Charge" in the districts. Their duties included distributing materials, rice-rationing, census-taking, maintaining public hygiene and dealing other administrative affairs with the Chinese. Until mid-1942, Hong Kong was divided into 28 districts.

Comparison of Japanized district names and the originals:

Hong Kong   Kowloon  New Territories

The Japanese authorities kept a close eye on the mobility and relocation of population, personal properties and homesteads. In mid-1942, the Governor's Office formally announced the house registration policy which was carried out by the House Registration Office. The authorities then manipulated the records for the supervision of properties, mobility and financial situation of residents in a district as well as the collection of tax.

Application forms of home ownership registration and the floor plan