In order to consolidate Japanese rule in Hong Kong, the authorities introduced a series of Japanized policies. In January, 1942 (Showa 15th Year), the Civil Administration Department declared to remove or blacken the English version of shop names, signs, traffic signals and notices in public areas and to use Showa as the reign title.

In April, the Governor's Office notified that names of all main roads and districts would be transliterated into Japanese. Some company names were also Japanized.

Original Name Japanized Name
Bowen Road Kirishima-dori
Caine Road Nakataisho-dori
Causeway Road Higawa-dori
Conduit Road Izumo-dori
Connaught Road Central Nakasumiyoshi-dori
Connaught Road West Nishisumiyoshi-dori
Des Voeux Road Central Higashishowa-dori
Des Voeux Road West Nishishowa-dori
Gloucester Road Higashsumiyoshi-dori
Johnston Road  
Kennedy Road Higashitaisho-dori
King's Road Hokoku-dori
Queen's Road Central Nakameiji-dori
Queen's Road East Higashimeiji-dori
Queen's Road West Nishitaisho-dori
Yee Wo Street Kasuga-dori
Nathan Road Katorido-dori
Prince Edward Road Kashima-dori