Destruction of records in the Government

To enhance accountability and transparency, the information of records approved for destruction in all bureaux and departments (B/Ds) in the previous year will be published on an annual basis from 2016 onwards.

Approval Procedures

B/Ds are required to dispose of time-expired records at least once every two years. All requests for destruction of records are processed in accordance with the requirements set out in the corresponding records retention and disposal schedules. The decision as to whether records are of no archival value or having potential archival value has been made a few years back when the relevant disposal schedules were drawn up. For time-expired records having no archival value, GRS Director's approval would be given prior to their physical destruction. For those having potential archival value, they would be appraised again by the Public Records Office of GRS and only those confirmed to be of no archival value would be approved by GRS Director for destruction.

Two Broad Categories

Records can be broadly grouped into two main types :

  1. Administrative records are records created or received during the course of day-to-day administrative activities that deal with finance, accommodation, procurement and supply, establishment, personnel and other general administrative activities.

  2. Programme records are records created or received by a B/D whilst carrying out the primary functions, activities or mission for which the B/D was established.

Records Destruction Information of B/Ds

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