Records Destruction Information in 2019

(For enquiries concerning the destruction information, please approach the bureaux/departments concerned.)

Chief Executive's Office
Government Secretariat
Chief Secretary for Administration's Office
Civil Service Bureau
Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau
Development Bureau
Education Bureau
Environment Bureau
Financial Secretary's Office
Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau
Food and Health Bureau
Home Affairs Bureau
Innovation and Technology Bureau
Labour and Welfare Bureau
Security Bureau
Transport and Housing Bureau (Transport)
Government Departments
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Architectural Services Department
Audit Commission
Auxiliary Medical Service
Buildings Department
Census and Statistics Department
Civil Aid Service
Civil Aviation Department
Civil Engineering and Development Department
Companies Registry
Correctional Services Department
Customs and Excise Department
Department of Health
Department of Justice
Drainage Services Department
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Environmental Protection Department
Fire Services Department
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
Government Flying Service
Government Laboratory
Government Logistics Department
Government Property Agency
Highways Department
Home Affairs Department
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Hong Kong Observatory
Hong Kong Police Force
Hongkong Post
Housing Department
Immigration Department
Information Services Department
Inland Revenue Department
Intellectual Property Department
Invest Hong Kong
Joint Secretariat for the Advisory Bodies on Civil Service and Judicial Salaries and Conditions of Service
Labour Department
Land Registry
Lands Department
Legal Aid Department
Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Marine Department
Office of the Communications Authority
Official Receiver's Office
Planning Department
Radio Television Hong Kong
Rating and Valuation Department
Registration and Electoral Office
Secretariat, Commissioner on Interception of Communications and Surveillance
Social Welfare Department
Trade and Industry Department
Transport Department
University Grants Committee Secretariat
Water Supplies Department
Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency
Independent Commission Against Corruption
Public Service Commission